Word Searches are a great way to force your students to help students build a visual image of the words on your vocabulary list. In Vocabulary Companion they are a snap to create.

Creating a Word Search

  1. First go to the Main Menu and then click on the Crossword button and you will see that the puzzle is automatically created, but it is not filled yet; you can only see the answers.
  2. If not use use the Reset button on the upper right hand side of the screen to reset your puzzle. Note: the Reset button can be used to regenerate the puzzle at anytime. This can be used to create different puzzle shapes.
  3. Once you are happy will the location of your words click on the Fill button and the program will automatically fill the empty spaces with random letters and your Word Search is ready to print.
  4. Click on the Fill button to complete your puzzle.
  5. Use Reset to rearrange your puzzle.


Word Search Unfilled

Word Search