The Crossword puzzle format was one of the most asked for additions to Vocabulary Companion™. It is automatically created, however, you do have some formatting options that are different from the other Activities.

Creating a Crossword Puzzle

  1. First go to the Main Menu and then click on the Crossword button and you will see that the puzzle is Crosswordautomatically created.
  2. Check the Unused Words box to make sure that all your words are being used in the puzzle.
  3. If not use use the Reset button on the upper right hand side of the screen to reset your puzzle. Note: the Reset button can be used to regenerate the puzzle at anytime. This can be used to create different puzzle shapes.

Changing the Picture in the Puzzle

There are two ways to change the picture in the puzzle.

  1. First, try clicking on the Graphics Arrows on the left hand side of the puzzle. This will scroll through all the graphics in your current puzzle.
  2. Second, Double-click on the graphic. This will open an Open dialog that will allow you to browse your hard drive to find other graphics.
  3. Double click on the graphic to get more graphics.
  4. Use Reset to regenerate your puzzle.