With Vocabulary Companion™ you always know exactly what your worksheet objectives are and you are never more than a second away from choosing almost any new objective or combination of objectives you would like. This is the way it should be when you want total control and speed in creating beautiful word activities and tests for K–6.

Seeing What Objectives Are Active

No matter what format you are in, and no matter what you are doing within a format, you can always tell what objectives are active simply by looking at the top middle of your screen, where we show you a working list of the objectives you have chosen.

Changing Objectives

The Objectives button is the way you can access specific types of vocabulary in pre-chosen lists based on standards. This button is located at the top left of every format working area and also on the main menu. You can also choose objectives by clicking on the Objectives command in the Options window, or by just double-clicking on your working list of objectives located in the upper-middle part of the main screen in any format. Clicking the Objectives button takes you to the most important window in the program, the Select Objectives window, containing over 100 specific, organized objectives.

The operating principle of this window is simple and incredibly powerful. Simply check the box next to the objective. You will be returned back to your work area with a brand new set of words based on your new objectives.

Objective Window

In the Select Objectives window, you can mix and match objectives and click as many objectives as you would like. Significantly, if you check and uncheck boxes but end up with settings the same as when you entered the window, your problems will be unchanged when you come back to the work area.

You can see your current objectives here.

Notice that when you change an objective setting in the Select Objectives window and return to the main screen showing your work area, your working list of objectives at the top of the screen is immediately updated.

We encourage you to take a few minutes in the straight-forward Worksheets format and just experiment with changing objectives and seeing what you get on your worksheet. It’s so easy!