Bingo is a great small or whole group activity. It helps your students practice the both the meaning and visual configurations of your word list. You will need both Teacher Cards and Student Cards to play bingo.


Creating Student Cards

  1. First return to the Main Menu and choose the Bingo button.
  2. Don’t worry; you will only see the words to be used to create the Bingo cards. To actually see the Bingo cards you will have to use Print Preview.
  3. Bingo Options
  4. To control the number of cards that you print, first, click on the Options button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  5. In the Enter # of Cards box type in the number of cards you need for your students.
  6. Now, from the File Menu choose Print Preview. This will show you the actual cards that will be printed.

Creating Teacher Cards

The Teacher Cards are the ones you draw from to play the game.

  1. Click on the Options Button in the upper right hand side of the Bingo screen.
  2. Next, click on the radio button next to Print Teacher cards.
  3. Now, print your Teacher Cards. It’s as easy as that.