You can instantly create eighteen distinct types of vocabulary, spelling, phonics, or word analysis worksheets by using the Main Menu to choose the type of activity you want to create.. If you have previously used Math Companion™, using Vocabulary Companion™ will be a snap. If not, you won’t believe how quickly you can create worksheets and games to support your language arts programs.

The activities can be created by simply clicking on one of the Activity Buttons on the Main Menu: Note: To return the Main Menu go to the File Menu and then choose New.

The most of the activities are created instantly and you need only edit them but five of them have additional options and are covered in their own chapters.

Creating a Worksheet: Instantly

Using Your Own List

Most users type in their own lists using the Edit Word List Button on the Main Menu or on each Activity screen.

Choosing Your Objective

The other alternative is to use one of our list by choosing an objective.

  1. Click on either the Objectives button in the upper left hand corner of the screen or double click on the Objectives dialog box.
  2. Now you can scroll through the available objectives and click on the lesson.
  3. Finally, click on the OK button, and your first worksheet will be instantly created!

Select Words DialogSelecting the Words for Your List:

Even when the program chooses the words for you, you can control which words are used to create the worksheet.

  1. On the worksheet format screen click on the button labeled Select Word.
  2. The Word list dialog will pop up with all the possible words listed and selected to include in the worksheet.
  3. Click the check box next to a word to deselect. This word will not be used to create your worksheet.
  4. If you want to select a specific list click on the button labeled Select None.
  5. Now you can select only the words you want to use by clicking on the check box next to the word.
  6. Next, click on the OK button and your worksheet will be created.

Changing the Type of Worksheet

Now that you have created one worksheet using your current set of words you can now create five more worksheets to reinforce the concepts you are teaching.

  1. Click on the Options button on the upper right hand side
  2. Listed will be the five types of worksheets you can create with this format. Choose a new one by clicking on the radio button next to your new selection. NOTE: You can also change the number of words you are using in this dialog box by just typing a new number in the Enter # of Questions box.
  3. Click on the OK button, and your new worksheet is instantly created.
  4. Repeat this process to create all five types of worksheets. In seconds, you now have a week’s worth of reinforcement that your student will enjoy doing.

Editing Your Worksheet

You can change the appearance of your worksheet in several ways.

  1. Changing the font, style and size. This works like most programs you have used in the past. Simply change them using the Font, Style and Size menu items on the Main Menu Bar.
  2. Editing a word. To edit the text of the worksheet simply click on the item you wish to edit. It will highlight, and you can now type over the text on the screen.
  3. Changing the number of words. You can change the number of words used in the worksheet by first clicking on the Options button and then changing the number in the Select # of Questions box. Click the OK button and the number of words in your worksheet will be changed.

Adding New Words to a Worksheet

  1. Hit the Edit List button on the main screen of any of the formats. It is also a choice under the Tools Menu.
  2. A dialog with two choices will appear. You can either Edit the Current List or Create Your Own List. To add words to a current list choose Edit Current List.
  3. A screen with the current list will appear. To add a new word simply go to the end of the list and choose a blank word box.
  4. First type in the word. If it exists in the database the sentence and definition will be added for you. If it isn’t in the database you will have to type a sentence and definition. NOTE: To permanently add a word use the Edit Database function under the Tools Menu.
  5. When you are finished adding words, click on OK and the new words will now be added to your list. If you want to permanently save this list, just save the file. You can then open the list any time using the Open List function under the File Menu.