This is the most common way to use Vocabulary Companion™. Most of us want to add our current spelling and/or vocabulary list and happily create our selection of 18 activities, posters, and games to support our reading, science, math and social studies programs. To add your own word list, do the following:

Create New List

  1. First, open the Main Menu (It will be the first thing you see when you boot the program, you can also click on New on the File menu.)
  2. A dialog with two choices will appear. You can either edit the current list or create your own list. To create a new list from your own words choose Create Your Own List.
  3. The program will then create a blank list with spaces for the word, definition, and sentence.
  4. You can then type in a word in the word box and hit Tab. The program looks up the word.
  5. If the word is in the database then the sentence and definition are added automatically. If the word is not in the database then you will then be prompted to add definition and sentence in the blanks.
  6. Edit Word List Dialog
  7. When you are done creating your list, hit the OK button at the bottom of the Word List dialog.
  8. Type your word here and then click on the Tab key to look up the sentence and definition.
  9. Edit Word List Save to Database
  10. You will then see the dialog to the right. If you select Yes, it will permanently add your changes to the program’s Vocabulary database. If you click No, the list will only be used for this set of activities.
  11. Either way, your list is then saved in memory and can be used to create other worksheets.