Illustrated Math Concepts

Finally! Math Companion Vol. II is shipping! Imagine being able to create manipulative based worksheets and games in seconds for your classroom. Just click on click an objective and create.

Activity Sheets, Game Cards, Posters and Bingo games all based on the manipulatives you are already using in your classroom. Covers, counting, ten blocks, sets, money, time, fractions, percents, and basic geometry. Covers both identification and calculation.

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(needs a binary decoder program
such as Stuffit or BinHex)

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System Requirements:

Mac version 1.0, Macintosh:  8 MB RAM (16 MB rec.), System 7 or higher, QuickTime 3.0

Win version 1.0, Windows:  16 MB RAM, Windows 95/98 or higher, QuickTime 3.0

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Program Features:

Use with Math Companion Vol 1 or separately.

Money, Time, Counting, Place Value, Sets, Fractions, & Elementary Geometry.

Select from over 100 objectives.

Create unlimited worksheets on single or multiple concepts.

Automatically create custom headers with the header template.

Create Flash Cards, Bingo Games & Worksheets.