C++ is an object oriented programming language, the back bone of graphic related computer programs. Object oriented programming is a reaction to programming problems that were first seen in large programs being developed in the 70s.

C++ uses a sort of "modular" approach which allows developers greater flexibility and more manageable work flow. The programmer's subsequent ability to maintain and adjust code in a bug-free way is a drastically improvement over other coding tools.


A language used to create "applets", temporary programs which load into a computer's OS to perform specific tasks. Java is quickly becoming a mainstay in the internet environment


Created by Macromedia, Lingo is a scripting language used to add function to Macromedia Director. Director is a powerful authoring tool used to make multimedia presentation.


Common Gateway Interface isn't a language. CGI is a standard set to help different computer platforms "talk" to the web. We use one of many languages, C++, Java, Perl or Visual Basic to write CGI scripts. It's how we link a remote user to your database. This is the part of the internet which has revolutionized B2B communications.

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