Ideas Live Software provides expert software design and development for a wide variety of applications on several platforms. We are experts in cross-platform Windows / Macintosh development. We have developed commercial products for the DOS, Windows 3.1, Window 95, Windows 2000 and Macintosh operating systems.

Reference Accounts
The following applications are just a small sampling of the products we have developed for our clients:

The Voyager Company
Expanded Book Engine and Toolkit for Windows
Poetry in Motion for Windows
Ephemeral Films for Windows
American Poetry for Windows
Davidson and Associates
Load and Go for Windows
Spell It Deluxe for Windows 95
Grammar Games for Windows 95
Spell It Deluxe for Macintosh
Word Attack for Macintosh
Sound Source Interactive
Interactive Moviebook Engine for Windows
Dead at 21 After Dark Screen Saver for Macintosh
NBC promotional Screen Saver for Macintosh
Midac Corporation
Fox Fuel Analyzer for Windows
Visions Technology in Education
Teachers Resource Companion, Math Companion Volumes I and II, Crossword Companion, Vocabulary Companion, Phonics Companion, Kreative Komix

Ideas Live Software also designs and hosts web sites. We host using Windows NT Server. This enables us to use all of the state of the art ActiveX and Java controls. For instance, click the button below to demonstrate Microsoft's ActiveX Popup Window control.



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