Ideas Live Software Programming

Ideas Live Software provides expert software design and development for a wide variety of applications on several platforms. We are experts in cross-platform Windows / Macintosh development. We have developed commercial products for the DOS, Windows 3.1, Window 95, Windows 2000 and Macintosh operating systems.

Programming Language

We work in C++, Java,Lingo and various CGI languages as well as other web related scripting tools.

World Wide Web Services

Ideas Live Software can design, build and implement robust E-commerce and E-service web sites.

Ideas Live Software Consulting Services

Clients can take advantage of our experience in cross platform environments with our expert software development consultation.

Multi Media Services

Our C++ experience allows us to modify and expand the capabilities of Macromedia Director for interactive displays and presentations.

Sound and Music

We have extensive experience in sound augmentation for interactive media. We can also compose original theme or background music.

Art and Graphics

With our In house art production and design staff and freelance artist network, we can round out our development service complementing our programming with GUI design and creation and content creation.


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